Monday, July 04, 2005

jewellery swap

looks like robin received the jewellery i made her for our first swap so now i can safely post the crafting i've been doing lately without fear of her seeing it.

here is a picture of necklace #1. looks like robin and i both chose pink & green as a colour combination for our necklaces.
beaded necklace

you can click on the close-up below to see a bit of an explanation of where some of the beads and buttons came from
close up of pink & green necklace

necklace #2
beaded necklace

again, you can click the picture below for a close up of the red beads (the chunky coral bead came from my sweet cousin chelebele on her trip to europe...not sure if it came from spain or one of her other destinations. she brought beads back from almost every country she visited!!) the rest are wood and glass beads from my local bead store
close up red and turquoise necklace

the turquoise and red necklace looks much better on. you can see robin modelling it over here.

i also made her a cuff bracelet from some wood beads
wood bracelet

while i was trying out some designs for robin's pieces i came up with this necklace. i liked it enough to keep for myself, but not enough to give as a gift. i think it has potential though.
(please ignore the big glue smudge on the desk.)
beaded necklace

i'm so glad you like everything, robin! yay for swaps and double yay for bloggy friends!


CheleBele said...

Your new jewelry is fantastic! I love the colourful, chunky look. Your necklace looks great on Robin. Deutsch & I are almost positive that we picked up that chunky choral bead from Paris. Keep up the good work. You are going to do great at your next art show.
Love, CheleBele

Carla said...