Tuesday, July 05, 2005

bloggy blog backlog!

as a result of my um...irregularity in posting during the month of june, i now have so many pictures of things that i did or saw last month that it's clogging up my hard drive. so i hope you won't mind if i share some cool stuff that happened awhile back.

one of the neatest things i did in june was take a tour of the gladstone hotel during their open house. the gladstone is a really old hotel in toronto that was in pretty rough shape apparently, up until a couple of years ago. i guess the owners never really bothered to take care of it. but recently the place was cleaned up and given a new lease on life. one of the things that the new owners did was commission local artists to design and decorate a guest room upstairs. i took a million pictures but here are just a few from the tour.

one hotel room had a jigsaw puzzle theme.
this puzzle art was really long...almost the entire length of the wall.
puzzle wall

circular puzzles were set into the headboard and used as art pieces above the bed as well.
puzzle room

another room had vintage photos and advertisements used as "wallpaper" and then stained pink.
pink wall

and my favourite room had a 1980's teen idol theme to it! posters from tiger beat covered the walls. all the ralph machio, matt dillon, and c. thomas howell you can handle! (leif garrett was missing though)
the funky vintage wallpaper in the closet
teen idol room closet

check out the cute chenille bedspread!
teen idol room

and a close up of the heartthrobs...sigh....
teen idol room
(click the picture to enlarge)

look closely and you will find kristy mcnicholl! and unicorns!
now, wasn't that worth the wait?!?


CheleBele said...

Wow, Teen Beat used to be my life in the 70's! I think I even spotted Rob Lowe, Jodie Foster and Cheryl Tiegs on that wall. A blast from the past!

Carla said...

Good picks from the tour. I've never been upstairs at the Gladstone. Doors Open Toronto is awesome!

V said...

What a neat hotel!

~kristen said...

I just stumbled onto your blog...I have NO idea how I got here but my goodness how much do I LOVE that Tiger Beat room! I recognize quite a few pages tha I had up on my wall. Stay Gold Pony Boy!

Okay, forgive the intrusion. =)