Wednesday, July 06, 2005

krissy conquers photoshop (well, sorta)

tonight i finally got around to emailing the folks on my mailing list to tell them about the new store that is selling my jewellery (the rage). instead of sending out a dull looking text email, i fancied it up in photoshop.

promo email

i did it all by myself except my little ratgirl logo, which paul had to re-do on a white background for me.

and after he went to bed, i put together some pictures to send along with the announcement, just in case some people who signed up for my list a couple of years ago forget who i am.
promo pics
you might need to click on the picture to see

now maybe i can learn to photoshop out those dark circles under my eyes...


the knitrider said...

oh you and your dark circles! youre crazy! oh man, that wood cuff you made is simply fabulous! i would love to get one! also, those hotel rooms are awesome. i would love to check that out one day! and as to your comment about knitting with skinny yarn, yes it is SO tedious. i wish i didnt like the looks of skinny yarn so much. i like either really skinny or really chunky. so its either a super quick knit or a few months worth..

dk said...

Those are great! Have you listed on etsy yet, or are you on any other sites?

krissy said...

wow, thanks for the compliments on my jewellery! dk, i just found this week. i think i might just sign up there. i'll post when i do! ps. some of my stuff is on but the pictures are kinda dark. :(

Monica said...

Oooh...nice job. I didn't even know you had a mailing list! Where do I sign up?

Sparkle & Shine Design said...

Hi! I think I found your blog while searching for info about The Rage, but I also remember seeing your jewelry on the Snazzy Girl website.

Anyway, I'm a fellow Torontonian & fellow crafter. I have my own online shop, but I also run another site called Indie Collective where you can add a link to your crafted goods (even a link to your Etsy shop is fine for now).

You can also find me on Live Journal under the name Myrrh. I'd love to chat!

Lizy said...

nice pics!!!Your jewelleries are realy damn post.