Tuesday, July 26, 2005

what i knit at the cottage

i got a bit of knitting in at the cottage last week. i've been wanting to try the H2O (2 hours and it's over) hat pattern at chicknits forever and finally broke down and used some of the light pink patons upcountry i've been hoarding ever since i learned it was discontinued. (as a sidenote, am i the only person who saves their favourite craft materials for the perfect project and then never actually get around to using them? i do this with yarn, buttons, beads, ribbon, paper....save, save, save... i'm trying to get over this.)

because i'm a bit of a rebel and never actually do a gauge swatch (i know, i know...), my first version of the hat ended up being HUGE!! it was even too big for paul.
good sport

so i modified it a bit (changed the pattern on the brim and made it many rows shorter) and my second attempt finally fits my little pinhead. yay!
pink hat

now if i can just figure out the $&^)@! one-skein-wonder pattern. i'm about to frog my 2nd attempt at it but i refuse to let it get the best of me!


the knitrider said...

oh your trip looked fabulous! im proud of noah! i dont think slammer will ever get the chance to learn to swim! also, congrats on your one year anniversary!! you guys are so cute! i love your dress too. the patons hat is fabulous! i love that yarn. do you know if there is going to be something to replace it?

Knitcore Nadia said...

Oh girl, I just frogged an entire heel placket and turned heel back to the ankle, I feel your frogging pain! That hat is so cute, looks like it will be perfect when fall rolls around.

Monica said...

Aw, I hate frogging too! That's why I'm always sticking floss through my stitches so that when I rip, I don't have to rip far. If you need any help with the pattern, lemme know and I'll do my best to help you out!