Friday, July 22, 2005


well, i'm back from our fantastic holiday at the cottage. what an amazing vacation! we spent our days swimming in the lake, canoeing, reading, playing with noah, knitting, not to mention enjoying sunshine, warm temperatures and absolutely no humidity! it was pure bliss!

we didn't know how noah would like the cottage but were pleasantly surprised to see he is quite a nature dog! he absolutley loved canoeing.
noah in the canoe

and after a couple of days, we finally taught him to swim! (the people in the cottage next to ours were as excited as we were...they cheered for noah when he finally swam for the first time)
noah swimming

he also ran around like crazy! he just loved sniffing everything that nature had to offer. he even made friends with another neighbour's dog, boots.

our friends, frederica and jim came to the cottage on monday night and stayed with us until thursday morning.
on the dock
we has such a blast with them! we relaxed at the lake all day, then had cocktails each day at 4 pm. on tuesday night fred made us all a delicious dinner of mushroom quesadillas, homemade guacamole, mexican rice, and asparagus.
fred's dinner

on wednesday night, paul and i were in charge of dinner. we made wild rice & quinoa salad with grilled tofu.
paul & krissy's dinner

after dinner one night we went boating. fred & jim took the paddleboat (with their dog, maxine) and paul & i took noah in the canoe. i've never seen a lake so still in my life...the water was just like glass! the puffy pink clouds from the sunset reflected on the lake. i wish i had a picture but i was afraid if the canoe tipped we'd lose the camera! on our evening cruise around the lake we got so close to a loon and her baby that we could see her bill move as she sang her warning call. it was surreal. and further down the lake we saw a beaver swimming around. when he sensed we were there, he dove under the water and made a huge splash with his big tail.

it was an incredible trip but it's good to be home too. as lovely as it was to be around nature and be able to swim everyday, we are city folk at heart. and damn, that shower today felt gooooood!

ps. if you want to see more pictures from our trip to the cottage, just click on any of the pictures to get to my page with all the photos i've uploaded.

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tania said...

oh bliss,
glad you had a great time.
nothing like the ontario cottage!