Sunday, July 31, 2005

home improvements

after wanting to do this for months, i finally got around to cleaning out my closet yesterday. i just couldn't stand it a minute longer. i'm sure my blood pressure rose everytime i had to find something in there. every hanger had at least 3 things on it and most of those clothes i either hated or didn't fit any longer.

closet before
closet (before)

closet after
closet (after)

i still have to go through my drawers and i know there's a bunch of stuff in there that needs to go too. but so far i've started filling up two bags worth of clothes (one for consignment stores or even ebay if i can find time to list stuff) and the other bag is headed to goodwill.

in other home improvement news...
my computer will be out of commission until tuesday or wednesday because we're finally going to begin painting the studio today. ever since we moved in last july we've been staring at the ugliest walls up here. i'm kind of embarrassed to show them actually. oh, what the hell. maybe it'll make the "after" even more exciting!

ugly studio wall #1 (before)
studio (before)
you can see where the woman who lived here before us just painted around her shelves. lovely!

ugly studio wall #2 (before)
studio #2 (before)
she also made the unfortunate decision to put rust and orange walls together.

stay tuned for the "after".


dk said...

I like rust walls, and I like orange walls...but the two together? nu-uh.

robin said...

What a good feeling to do the old closet purge!! This spring I went through EVERYTHING I own and tossed/gave away/sold/recyled all of the things that I didn't absolutely love. Now I use the one in = one out method to maintain. And if you think those colors are bad you should check out my walls. Ugh. One is brown. One is forest green. One is a dark pukey blue. And one had the tackiest wallpaper ever with all of those colors mixed in. YUCK!!!! Ok, sorry for venting on your space. I think I need to make a post on my own blog about this. :)

karina said...

Nice before and after of the closet. How brave of you!!! and of the studio room.... Can't wait to see the results. You are your own home reno show!

Anonymous said...
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Tekpainter said...
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Lollie Lane said...

Oh, I love closet organizing. I'm addicted to clear plastic bins for belts/scarves and things.
Love your blog!