Sunday, August 07, 2005

catching up

good news...the painting in the studio is almost done! we just have to finish the trim on a couple of walls today. i will have the "after" pictures in a few days when we get the pictures up on the wall.

after endless days painting last week in crazy humidity (and sadly, in the hottest room in the house!), i decided to get away on thursday to go to my mom's for a break. i found out my step-sister, lana was there with her new baby, aaron. i hadn't seen him yet so i drove up thursday afternoon to meet him. what a sweetie-pie! here he is with his mommy and daddy.
family pic

for any soon-to-be-moms out there, i have to tell you about this dvd that lana & brian have. it claims that babies have a calming reflex and by doing a few key things to activate this reflex, you can stop your baby from crying! i was really skeptical but it totally works (unless the baby is hungry, needs to be changed, etc). i think this video should be given out to every new mom before she leaves the hospital!

on saturday, paul & i went to a festival called "taste of the danforth". the danforth is a neighbourhood in toronto that is known as "greek town". there are lots of yummy restaurants in the area and this weekend the street is closed to traffic and all the restaurants have tents set up where people can buy a few select dishes from each restaurant. there wasn't a lot of vegetarian choices at the greek tents so we headed to the thai restaurant tent and got a massive amount of food (tons of fried rice, noodles, & 2 spring rolls) for $5! so cheap and soooo yummy!

after chowing down, we went over to hangman gallery on queen st. east for the opening of the "wet paint" exhibition. the idea behind this show is that artists can submit a recent painting (hence, "wet paint") to be shown in the group exhibit. paul submitted a painting he did recently of our noah.
it's hard to see in this picture, but it's the big red painting that someone is looking at on the left.
hangman gallery

and in knitting news, i finally learned how to sew up my slipper last night. i've been putting it off because i've never really had to sew up a knitted piece before and i was afraid. i gave it a shot last night while we watched the woody harrelson doc "go further" (it was pretty good). i think i did ok with the slipper too.
i knit it using almost a skein of lamb's pride wool (double stranded). i made it huge because i want to throw it in the washing machine and felt it. with any luck it will fit like cinderella's glass slipper after a nice bath in some scalding hot water.

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