Friday, August 26, 2005


before the cbc was in lockout mode, i heard an interesting story on the radio about the latest craze from japan.... a puzzle similar to a crossword except it uses numbers and logic (vs. knowledge). i tried to remember what it was called so i could google it when i got home but of course it had vanished from my memory.....until i was standing in line at the bookstore a couple of days ago and the woman in front of me began shrieking in excitement to her friend upon finding a book of sudoku puzzles. that's when i remembered what that story was all about.

last night i googled "sudoku" and found a site that has daily puzzles & solutions archived. i printed one off and gave it a go before bedtime. it took me about an hour to get this teeny bit done.
you may want to note that this particular puzzle is labelled "easy". ha! still, it was so much fun and a great way to keep the brain nimble. i can't wait to finish this one and print out more!


the knitrider said...

omg numbers. i am SO BAD AT NUMBERS!! btw, i ordered that book as soon as i read your post yesterday, along with teva durham's new one!! so bad!

Karin said...

They print those puzzles in the local papers here in Chicago. I do them on the train to work. They do get easier but I still run across some that I just can't get!

tania said...

before the cbc was locked out, someone in my department was raving about those! i will have to try, perfect for the picket line...
looks so hard!