Friday, August 19, 2005

kids being kids

before we bought our house last year, we lived in an area of the city known as "the annex". the annex is a fairly well-to-do neighbourhood located close to the university. houses there pretty much start at $600,000 which clearly explains why we bought elsewhere. the funny thing about the annex is that the whole time we rented there, we never ever saw kids outside playing. they weren't playing on the sidewalk, in the front yards and most definitely not playing on the street.

then we moved to a neighbourhood where homes, more reasonably priced. i guess you could say we live in a part of the city that is a little "rough around the edges". don't get me wrong, it's not dangerous or scary. the people who live here are just very different from the people who live in the annex. and that's just fine with us.

one of the things we noticed right away is that kids in this neighbourhood actually go outside and play! they are always out riding their bikes, skateboarding, playing catch or just hanging out with their friends. it's not unusual to see them outside playing after 10pm (in the summer). i love it! it totally reminds me of my childhood when i would play outside until dark when mom or dad would call me to come in.

that's why it totally made my day to see what the neighbourhood kids did this afternoon when the city was blasted with a major downpour. while adults ran from their car to the house clutching an umbrella for protection, kids tore out of their homes hooting and their bathing suits! i looked outside the studio window to see what the commotion was all about.

this is what i saw!
jumping in puddles

running up the street in the rain

is there a happier sight than kids being allowed to just be kids!?


Jennifer said...

Those are awesome pictures, Krissy! I live in the Annex, so I know what you mean. I bought a cookie from these little kids on my street today who were selling herbs (!) and homemade cookies. Very bourgeois!

Mom said...

Hey Krissy....why weren't you out there playing in the rain with the kids? Ya gotta love it.

tania said...

that is AWESOME.
so nice.
i will totally tell andy barrie!
hee he.

michelle said...

that's why i still love that area! i have absolutely noticed the kids around there, too - they will actually play outside and actually say "hello" to you!

the knitrider said...

thats so awesome. that was me like 15 years ago. what happened!!!? thanks for letting me know about the etsy site. I was curious because you had made a beaded cuff that i just fell in love with and wanted to know if you would be selling one on your shop! it is so gorgeous!

Karin said...

That's so cute! We have some kids on our street too, so you often see lemonade stands.

Karina said...

Where have I been? I need to get caught up on sensibles shoes... My old neighbourhood was totally the same as the Annex, posh, big houses, and no kids running in the streets. My new neighbourhood is not too nice, with Tons of kids in the streets (biking, running, yelling, fighting...good kids stuff.) Funny that.