Monday, August 29, 2005

babies and thrifting

you'd think they wouldn't go together. but yesterday when paul and i drove to newmarket to spend the day at a baby shower for my step-sister, we arrived in town way too early. i hate being the first one to arrive anywhere and the party wasn't even scheduled to start for 20 minutes. what to do but hop in the car and find the local thrift store!

i've never torn through so fast in my life. i came out with these treasures...


afterwards we headed to the shower which was lots of fun! so much fun catching up with family.

as you can see, i'm an excellent aunt.
he's laughing...really.


Aimee "Roo" said...

oh my gosh that piggie is so cute! i am always amazed at the wonderful things people seem to find at thrift stores!

tania said...

hee hee!
so cute,
he IS laughing!

congrats on the etsy shop! i am going to check it ut rightnow.

Karin said...

I agree, the piggy bank rocks!

Connie and Rob said...

Great treasures you found at the thrift store. Very cute baby.

I am a new blogger. Feel free to stop by.

jenny vorwaller said...

so funny! you are a great aunt! :O love the belt~how will you wear it? (would be cute over a dress...)