Monday, September 05, 2005

is it just me...

...or is everybody seeing little red x's where my (older) pictures should be? i haven't been posting for days because i've been trying to find out why i can't see any of my pictures all of a sudden. i hate little red x's. also, can you see my new avatar? i was getting x's for that too...

anyhow, the last little while has been pretty busy. i sent out 3 orders last week which was extremely exciting! i had so much fun packing everything up and making trips to my local post office. i've read so many comments on other blogs about how mean the folks are at their postal outlet but i love mine. they're always smiley and chatty.

paul & i went to two parties on saturday, which is two more than we homebodies usually attend. first we went to a bbq for the guys he plays hockey with. now ordinarily i wouldn't really be excited about hanging out with a bunch of hockey boys but they don't play for a typical hockey league. paul plays in the exclaim hockey league which is for local people in the music scene. we brought over veggie kebabs to put on the grill, just like my mom made for us when we went to visit her. they were delish. good food and fun times.

after the bbq, we went to party #2 at andrew & sabine's place. it worked out perfectly because that was a *desert* party! sabine made the most delicious cream puffs and tarts. we had such a great time there chatting and laughing for hours.

on sunday we went to see "the 40-year old virgin", mainly because we LOVE steve carrell. it was pretty good and had lots of funny parts but we both thought NOW magazine was a bit generous to give it 4 out of 5 N's.

last night we finally brought up all of our books that have been living in cardboard boxes in the basement since we moved in last year. the problem was that we wanted to paint our living room before investing in a bookshelf. a couple weeks ago we found the exact bookshelf we wanted in the "as is" department of ikea for $40!! now we finally have all of our books upstairs feeling loved again.


hope everyone's having a super labour day! (or "labor day" for my american friends....) i'm back to school tomorrow. wah!


Lollie Lane said...

I can see your new avatar. cute!

Karin said...

Yeah I can see your pics just fine.

I didn't know you have Labo(u)r day in Canada too. Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

the knitrider said...

yep your pics show up just fine! i got your package!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet, thank you sooo much! you have no idea how long i have been looking for something like this! thank you so much for the cute sewing stickers and stitch markers too!!! i love the undies one and the bunny!! you are so sweet! im glad you guys had a great weekend! i like the bookshelf too. ikea is really good about having the perfect bookshelf.

Aimee "Roo" said...

wow! i wish we had an ikea around here so i could get a shelf like that. :) i have been looking for two of them actually.

hope you had a good weekend.