Tuesday, September 27, 2005

taking a breather

i've had my nose to the grindstone (so to speak) making stock for the one of a kind show. i hate to say it, but expect abnormal delays between posts for the next little while. i have so. much. to do. wah!

i did take a break for some thrifting with the hubby on saturday and a bit more today. on saturday we hit a value village in the 'burbs that was a friggin' gold mine! paul actually bought more than i did. today i ventured into one of those church thriftstores and found some good stuff for DIRT CHEAP! (it was also a 50% off day i didn't even expect!)


thrifted sundress



(here's a couple of pages from the "pattern book" in the picture above. you may need to click it for a closer look)
thrifted book

wanna know my new theories about thrifting?
1. suburbs are good to hit because less competition from the downtown hipsters
2. church thrift stores are hot because little old religious ladies take their stuff there (or their families do, uh, if you know what i mean...) and there's tonnes of goodies they've been hoarding for DECADES!
3. the folks at the church stores maybe don't really know what they've got and price everything randomly (vs. goodwill/vintage clothing stores who've learned what's hip & coveted by the masses)

shhh...don't let those tips get out or else there won't be anything left for you! (*wink*)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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milk and cake said...

ooh, i love a good button find. i'm always looking for good buttons, which go right into my button jar. you never know when you're going to need a pretty button, and i cannot bring myself to pay full price for them.

Catherine said...

Ohhh those buttons are to die for! *drool*

I agree with receptionista - they're rediculously priced, new, so I snip all the buttons off all the clothes I throw away and store them!