Thursday, September 08, 2005

still here...just quiet

i haven't posted much this week (have i even posted at all? i'm not sure). a combination of reasons, really.

* i've been busy with my first week back to work (not sure if i've mentioned it here before but i'm a teacher at a public school during the morning). i'm teaching a few new things this year so i've been doing a bit of research so i can get things straight in my head while i plan out the year.

* i've been enjoying long walks at the beach with noah every afternoon. good exercise for both of us!

* i've also been busy getting another order together for a store. (can't seem to keep those mixed tape earrings in stock, it seems! yay!) i'm also working out a couple of new designs for the show i'm doing at christmas. (they're looking promising.)

* i've just been a bit overwhelmed with the whole situation in new orleans and the gulf coast. the news coverage is just so depressing. it makes me sick to see all of those people stranded with nothing, absolutely nothing. now every celebrity is down there and i don't know if it's a positive thing that they're there kissing babies and hugging mothers...the skeptic in me thinks they're there for press. i hope i'm wrong.

anyhow, just wanted to let everyone who's still reading that i'm still around.

lots of fun stuff happening this weekend...i'm sure i'll have a ton of pictures to post!

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Karin said...

Oh, walks at the beach, that sounds so nice. I have an injury that's been preventing me from getting out much lately :P Well that plus I'm too lazy to think up exercise alternatives! Anyways hope things go well back at school and have a great weekend.