Tuesday, July 31, 2007

an open letter to haven kimmel

dear haven,

a week or so ago, i borrowed your book a girl named zippy from the library after searching online for hours for my next book to read. it had good reviews and i remember eyeing that awesome cover everytime i walked into a local bookstore. i was so excited to finally dig into it!

you're a great writer...so witty and with a kind of subtle humour. i liked the book right away. but then i came to the part about the baby pig...and then your pet chicken...and your hamster...and the bunny. i tried to overlook it and just move on but today the bunny situation was all i could take. i'm sad to say i'm parting ways with you here on page 71.

i see on amazon that you have a few more books out and i'll probably give them a try later on. i just think we need some time apart right now.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

happy accidents

last night paul & i finally decided to take a trip over to ed's real scoop because ed's is supposed to be one of the best ice-cream spots in the city, as everything is hand-made at their shop. after reading online that they had a "creme brulee" flavour i had to get some. as we got closer to the neighbourhood, we realized it was the jazz festival and there was no way we were even going to get close to ed's among that chaos. change of plans and we headed over to the film buff for some of their ice-cream instead. it was still good and satisfied the craving.

after running a couple of errands we happened upon an art opening at a tiny new gallery. we couldn't help but go check it out because it looked totally intriguing from the street. we could see little colourful objects all over the walls instead of the typical paintings or photographs.

this show was just too amazing and we were so excited that we stumbled upon it! the artist is named lauri lynnxe murphy and she's from denver. she's also incredibly sweet and we had a great time chatting with her. the current exhibit features her beautiful mini-collages encased in resin. they are so lovely! lots of vibrant colours. some of her other resin pieces were opaque and had been painted and some were decoupaged. really wonderful work with a crafty feel. take a look:




15 minutes

toronto peeps, you should definitely get out to see this...

brayham contemporary art
1270 queen st. east
runs until september 2nd

Thursday, July 26, 2007

before a nap

i'm a bit sleepy today. i think i stayed up a bit too late. i got up early again and drove paul to work because he had way too much stuff to bring with him to take it all on his bike or on ttc. it was the perfect opportunity to head to queen west and pick up a few supplies to try out a new earring design i've been dreaming up.

noah won't stay out of the neighbour's yard and it's driving me crazy.

oh yeah, and our 3rd & 4th zucchinis are almost ready to be picked.

here are a few more outfits i fell in love with on facehunter yesterday. i find these "street style" sites so inspirational.

now if i can convince noah to give me some room on the couch, i'm going to take a catnap.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


another productive day today! i was up at 7:30am and managed to get a bunch of errands done and still have time to bake up a whole bunch of shrinkies. i think they will probably become stud earrings. i also gave them all a coat of finish and will do the 2nd coat tomorrow. i love seeing them all lined up in neat colour-coded rows while they dry. unfortunately, you'll just have to use your imagination for now...

so with the camera still in the shop, i have to find things to blog about that can include pictures from the web. somehow i was led to facehunter tonight while looking through one of my contact's pics on flickr. what a great discovery! it's another one of those street style websites like wardrobe_remix or hel looks (although there are a million of them out there now).

here are 4 of my favourites from tonight's perusing (in no particular order):
i love the ruffles and little wicker case.

i'm a sucker for a red dress and those tennis-ball-sized beads are such fun!

trapeze dresses are so cute and the big ladybug applique is adorable.

i plan on continuing to build my collection of coloured tights this fall/winter and i'd love a pair in this electric shade.

i'll have 4 more pictures to share tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my summer "to-do" list

so one of the advantages to being a teacher is the 9 week summer vacation. this is week 4 and i already feel like i've done a lot.

* had a picnic in high park with friends
* taken noah (the pooch) to cherry beach for walks on the off-leash trail
* hung out at cherry beach with a blanket, noah, and a good book (lullabies)
* read an amazing novel
* spent a whole lot of time in the studio getting ready for the winter "one of a kind show"
* spent a few days up north at my mom's
* gone thrifting at goodwill's 50% off sale
* took part in a small craft fair
* enjoyed many breakfasts & dinners on our backyard deck
* celebrated our 3rd year anniversary (today!!) by going out for dinner at the same restaurant where we had our "reception" (for lack of a better word)

there's still so much i want to do though. luckily there's still 5 and a half weeks left before i go back to work. i'm going to make a list (and probably continue to edit it as i think of other ideas) so that i don't forget. then if i need an idea of something to fill my day, i can refer back to this list.

* get out the sewing machine and alter some of the clothing i've thrifted
* keep working in the studio and get lots of stuff ready for the show
* visit allen gardens and walk through the pretty greenhouses
* spend time at the toronto reference library
* finally go and check out toronto's first "forever 21" store
* begin participating in wardrobe_remix again (once the camera is fixed)
* spend more time with friends -- invite people over to the house
* make it a habit to shop at the farmers' market each tuesday
* organize my studio desk
* go through my closet/drawers and give away bags of clothing to charity
* maybe even paint the bedroom
* go back to visit mom and swim in the lake again
* visit little galleries on queen street west
* start exercising
* go to the island

i know i'll think of more. if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments, ok?

Monday, July 23, 2007

so, i guess i'm back

hi everyone! sorry to have slipped off the face of the internets for darn close to a year. i don't really have a good reason for my absence except to say that i just wasn't "feeling it". i wish i had a better explanation but i don't. however, i did have a feeling i'd be back eventually which is why i didn't make an official "goodbye" post. so here i am!

i won't bore you with what i've been doing for the last 295 days or so mainly because i can't really think of anything in particular. but i expect i will be sharing what i'm up to this summer in upcoming entries. unfortunately, my camera is at the nikon hospital and won't be coming back for a few more weeks yet, so most of my photos will be of stuff i can find online for now.

which leads me to the perfect opportunity to tell you about the most incredible book i finished about a week ago. it's called lullabies for little criminals by heather o'neill.

carla warned me it was sad and she was right, but it is so beautifully written. there were many times when i just couldn't put this book down. and even though i finished it about a week ago, i can't stop thinking about it. the story has really stayed with me. highly recommended if you're looking for a new read to dive into.

now i've started reading a girl named zippy: growing up small in mooreland indiana which is pretty good. it started off really funny but then there was a chapter i wasn't so keen on involving a baby pig. i'm going to stick with it though and see if i go back to enjoying it as much as i did at the beginning. i thought it started off with a david sedaris kind of vibe.

if you have any good book recommendations, please leave them in the comments section. i'd love to have more to add to my "to read" list.

ps. while i was gone, blogger messed with some cogs and gears---if you previously subscribed to my blog you probably won't get updates unless you re-subscribe. sorry for the annoyance.

Friday, July 20, 2007

this is totally just a test

just testing a new way to add pictures to this here blog...

(btw: this image came from Liana Kabel's awesome etsy shop)

...getting ready to jump into the blogosphere again!