Monday, August 29, 2005

babies and thrifting

you'd think they wouldn't go together. but yesterday when paul and i drove to newmarket to spend the day at a baby shower for my step-sister, we arrived in town way too early. i hate being the first one to arrive anywhere and the party wasn't even scheduled to start for 20 minutes. what to do but hop in the car and find the local thrift store!

i've never torn through so fast in my life. i came out with these treasures...


afterwards we headed to the shower which was lots of fun! so much fun catching up with family.

as you can see, i'm an excellent aunt.
he's laughing...really.

Friday, August 26, 2005

open for business!!!

i'm happy (and way too excited) to announce that i've finally put some jewellery and accessories up for sale on my etsy shop!

feel free to go and browse (and of course buy if you'd like!)...



before the cbc was in lockout mode, i heard an interesting story on the radio about the latest craze from japan.... a puzzle similar to a crossword except it uses numbers and logic (vs. knowledge). i tried to remember what it was called so i could google it when i got home but of course it had vanished from my memory.....until i was standing in line at the bookstore a couple of days ago and the woman in front of me began shrieking in excitement to her friend upon finding a book of sudoku puzzles. that's when i remembered what that story was all about.

last night i googled "sudoku" and found a site that has daily puzzles & solutions archived. i printed one off and gave it a go before bedtime. it took me about an hour to get this teeny bit done.
you may want to note that this particular puzzle is labelled "easy". ha! still, it was so much fun and a great way to keep the brain nimble. i can't wait to finish this one and print out more!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

info about that great book

hee hee, so glad to see a lot of people inspired by that book i bought yesterday. this morning i posted so quickly that i forgot to add some links for you if you're interested in finding it.

it's published by annick press (in canada) and it costs $14.95 can / $12.95 us
i found it on and it's actually even cheaper if you order through them ($10.36 us for the paperback)!

hope that helps...

impulse buy of the day

yesterday i was browsing around in one of my favourite bookstores in the city and found this book i just had to have.

i actually found it in the childrens' section! it is pure eye candy...and it's crammed full of ideas for deconstructing sweaters to make armwarmers, scarves, mittens, slippers, skirts, hats, and other kinds of sweaters. there are also little tutorials on embroidery stitches, knitting, and crochet. my head is swimming with ideas of what to try first.

the other thing i love about this book is that they actually use models that are real. some have little bellies and are not rail-thin. (check out the girl on the cover.) i think that's especially important since it's a book targeted to teens.

i wish i could take a picture of every page to show you how amazing this book looks, but here's a couple to look at...
i love the red & green combination of this skirt

another cool skirt with crocheted flower appliques

Monday, August 22, 2005

happy monday

from our neighbourhood bakery
surprise cupcakes

paulie bought them from our neighbourhood bakery on his way home from work. cupcakes are a nice way to start the week.

Friday, August 19, 2005

kids being kids

before we bought our house last year, we lived in an area of the city known as "the annex". the annex is a fairly well-to-do neighbourhood located close to the university. houses there pretty much start at $600,000 which clearly explains why we bought elsewhere. the funny thing about the annex is that the whole time we rented there, we never ever saw kids outside playing. they weren't playing on the sidewalk, in the front yards and most definitely not playing on the street.

then we moved to a neighbourhood where homes, more reasonably priced. i guess you could say we live in a part of the city that is a little "rough around the edges". don't get me wrong, it's not dangerous or scary. the people who live here are just very different from the people who live in the annex. and that's just fine with us.

one of the things we noticed right away is that kids in this neighbourhood actually go outside and play! they are always out riding their bikes, skateboarding, playing catch or just hanging out with their friends. it's not unusual to see them outside playing after 10pm (in the summer). i love it! it totally reminds me of my childhood when i would play outside until dark when mom or dad would call me to come in.

that's why it totally made my day to see what the neighbourhood kids did this afternoon when the city was blasted with a major downpour. while adults ran from their car to the house clutching an umbrella for protection, kids tore out of their homes hooting and their bathing suits! i looked outside the studio window to see what the commotion was all about.

this is what i saw!
jumping in puddles

running up the street in the rain

is there a happier sight than kids being allowed to just be kids!?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

ratgirl news

i just found out that i'm the feature designer today at! wheee!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

today i....

* got my bangs cut

* honked my support for the cbc workers on the picket line

* ate yummy leftovers from last night's dinner: sweet potato & apricot pilaf (from this book that my cousin michele & her husband deutsch gave me)

* took noah to the farmer's market
bring on the carbs

* worked on an order for the rage

* finally received my contract for the christmas one of a kind's official...i'm in!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

gardening and the best take-out ever!

despite our woeful gardening abilities, we somehow managed to grow 2 extremely healthy cherry tomato plants this summer. every couple of days there are oodles of tomatos ready to be harvested in our backyard.

we put them in a salad last night and they were so delicious! really sweet!

we also had the most amazing take-out this week. there is a great little chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood that is completely vegetarian and specializes in mock meat. we've had the mock shrimp before and it was really good! this time we tried the sweet & sour mock duck. i don't know if it tasted like duck because...well, i've never eaten real duck before but i can tell you it was really yummy!
simons wok
i can't stop thinking about this meal...seriously!

tagged, i'm it

many many days ago, i was tagged for the very first time by tania. my mission, should i choose to accept, is to complete this.
id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioural characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.
after much thought, i've come up with 5 slightly bizarre facts about myself. here then, i bring you....

the five idiosyncrasies of krissy

Y i must get in and out of bed on the same side

Y i refuse to bite into corn on the cob. i'll only eat it after i've cut all of the kernels off the cob. (in a similar vein, i also don't bite into fruit like apples, peaches, pears. i only eat them after i've cut them into wedges.)

Y when i read a magazine, i don't peek ahead. i start at the first page and read my way through to the end. i even read the message from the editor & letters from readers

Y my sense of smell is almost non-existent. yet strangely, i am able to taste food. there are a limited number of things i can smell: campfires, chopped celery, vanilla (sometimes), and my dog when he needs a bath. that's pretty much it.

Y i don't have a problem with any food mixing together...except with rice. rice cannot touch any other food AT. ALL. if even one or two grains find its way onto another food i have to move it right away because it totally grosses me out.

(might i be a tad OCD?)

that was fun!

anyhow, i hope i don't lose any friends here (not sure if people like being tagged or not) but i'm going to gently suggest a tag to carla, dk, robin, and nadia. i would have tagged erika, but the poor girl has been "it" a few times already this week. and just like tania said, no pressure here, ladies!

Monday, August 08, 2005

i take procrastination to a new level

does anyone remember me posting how i was starting a knitted purse about a hundred years ago??? well, i got as far as buying the bamboo handles back in june and then the project just sat and gathered dust. after finishing my first slipper a couple of days ago (another project that sat in the corner unloved forever) i was feeling accomplished and like i could take on the world.

which leads me back to the knitted purse. i stayed up until 2:30 am last night because dammit, i wasn't going to put that purse down until it was finished.
and now it is!!
knitted purse
it is lumpy where it shouldn't be but i think it's because i didnt do so well when i sewed the handles on.

i lined it with some cute vintage material that was a sheet in it's former life. too bad i don't have a clue how to sew or line a purse. here's what the inside looks like anyway.
knit purse (inside)
i'm still really proud because it's my first purse ever...knitted or otherwise!

on an unrelated note, i've obviously been asleep at the wheel for the last few days. i just realized today that tania has tagged me to list 5 of my idiosyncrasies. i have to think about this for a bit but will be back with that amusing info shortly...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

catching up

good news...the painting in the studio is almost done! we just have to finish the trim on a couple of walls today. i will have the "after" pictures in a few days when we get the pictures up on the wall.

after endless days painting last week in crazy humidity (and sadly, in the hottest room in the house!), i decided to get away on thursday to go to my mom's for a break. i found out my step-sister, lana was there with her new baby, aaron. i hadn't seen him yet so i drove up thursday afternoon to meet him. what a sweetie-pie! here he is with his mommy and daddy.
family pic

for any soon-to-be-moms out there, i have to tell you about this dvd that lana & brian have. it claims that babies have a calming reflex and by doing a few key things to activate this reflex, you can stop your baby from crying! i was really skeptical but it totally works (unless the baby is hungry, needs to be changed, etc). i think this video should be given out to every new mom before she leaves the hospital!

on saturday, paul & i went to a festival called "taste of the danforth". the danforth is a neighbourhood in toronto that is known as "greek town". there are lots of yummy restaurants in the area and this weekend the street is closed to traffic and all the restaurants have tents set up where people can buy a few select dishes from each restaurant. there wasn't a lot of vegetarian choices at the greek tents so we headed to the thai restaurant tent and got a massive amount of food (tons of fried rice, noodles, & 2 spring rolls) for $5! so cheap and soooo yummy!

after chowing down, we went over to hangman gallery on queen st. east for the opening of the "wet paint" exhibition. the idea behind this show is that artists can submit a recent painting (hence, "wet paint") to be shown in the group exhibit. paul submitted a painting he did recently of our noah.
it's hard to see in this picture, but it's the big red painting that someone is looking at on the left.
hangman gallery

and in knitting news, i finally learned how to sew up my slipper last night. i've been putting it off because i've never really had to sew up a knitted piece before and i was afraid. i gave it a shot last night while we watched the woody harrelson doc "go further" (it was pretty good). i think i did ok with the slipper too.
i knit it using almost a skein of lamb's pride wool (double stranded). i made it huge because i want to throw it in the washing machine and felt it. with any luck it will fit like cinderella's glass slipper after a nice bath in some scalding hot water.