Thursday, August 11, 2005

gardening and the best take-out ever!

despite our woeful gardening abilities, we somehow managed to grow 2 extremely healthy cherry tomato plants this summer. every couple of days there are oodles of tomatos ready to be harvested in our backyard.

we put them in a salad last night and they were so delicious! really sweet!

we also had the most amazing take-out this week. there is a great little chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood that is completely vegetarian and specializes in mock meat. we've had the mock shrimp before and it was really good! this time we tried the sweet & sour mock duck. i don't know if it tasted like duck because...well, i've never eaten real duck before but i can tell you it was really yummy!
simons wok
i can't stop thinking about this meal...seriously!


dk said...

I have been considering growing tomatoes. I have to wait until next year when, hopefully, I have a new home.

You are making me want to do it right now, though.

tania said...

hey, i just thought about this craft show at the tranzac on sep 10. you might be interested?
its at the tranzac, should be fun!
email me from my blog if you want any info!

Karin said...

Hi there, I found you on knitrider. Your tomatoes look AWESOME!! I wish I had space to garden. Also I looked through some past entries--your wedding dress is great, I love the sash.

Anyways nice to meet ya!