Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ratgirl update

i spent the week before the cottage putting together a big order for snazzygirl and photographing it all. you can take a peek at all of the new goodies over here.

Monday, August 21, 2006

cottage life

last week was our vacation up at the cottage. well, not our cottage (i wish!). it actually belongs to an ex-coworker of paul's. she and her husband have generously allowed us to borrow it for a week for the last 3 summers (paul traded a painting of their dog for the use of the cottage.) in fact, we went there for the first time on our honeymoon!

once again this year, our friends frederica and jim came to spend a few days with us. so much fun even though the weather wasn't great for the days they were there.

over the week we......

had a campfire (i love the smell!)

roasted vegan marshmallows and made s'mores!!! (omg, they were decadent!!)

canoed to a bakery across the lake...yes, a bakery at the lake!!
paul at the bakery

i knit up a pair of arm warmers

swam in the (cold) lake

we ate our dinners by candlelight

watched noah have the time of his life (chasing frogs, rolling in the dirt, sniffing all the plants, running around outside all day!)

and saw the most beautiful sunset on our last night there

a relaxing and lovely time, indeed! (sigh...)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

gone swimming....

tomorrow morning paul and i head up north to spend the week at a cottage we've borrowed for the last few years. i can't wait to get there and just relax by the water and swim away the day. it's the perfect cottage for relaxing too...no tv or computer so no distractions from being outdoors!

i'm also hoping to do a bit of knitting while i'm there, since i've done that the previous 2 years we were there. other things i'm looking forward to: catching up on some magazines (the latest toronto life and toronto fashion arrived last week!) and eat, eat, eat! i'm especially excited about roasting vegetarian marshmallows over a campfire! i bought them last month when i was in nyc for this exact reason!

my only worry...how am i going to live without rockstar supernova for a week??? ack!

have a good week, everyone!
xo krissy

Sunday, August 06, 2006

an afternoon with warhol and a raw deal for dinner

paul recently wrote out a big list of things we want to do and places we want to go before the end of summer. on saturday we did a couple of things from the list.

we started out by going to see the andy warhol exhibit at the art gallery of ontario. it was curated by david cronenberg and he narrated the audio tour (on the handheld set) as well. while the show was a bit smaller than we expected, it was quite good. there were quite a few pieces i'd never seen before, including a few i'd never even heard of (like "tunafish disaster"). while i wish it had been a larger exhibit, i did like how the pieces were put together...which ones were chosen to be beside each other. and the audio tour was excellent! i highly recommend picking up the (free) listening set if you go.

after the gallery, we just walked along queen street a bit and popped into caban, which is going out of business. unfortunately, 20% off of a $200 duvet cover = still too rich for my blood.

then we headed up to our old neighbourhood...the annex...around dupont and spadina to check out a restaurant we've been meaning to try for years! it's a raw food restaurant called "live". being such sad sacks, we didn't even go when we lived a 10 minute walk away.

as we stepped inside we were very excited! the inside decor is really lovely...exposed brick and linoleum floor tiles that look exactly like grass and leaves!
at live

paul chose the artichoke dish and i had the raw combo plate.
 3 artichokes


our only complaint: we were shocked by how tiny the portions were! paul's entree had 3 artichoke hearts, a sliced tomato and a palm-sized amount of salad. honestly, this should have been an appetizer. 3 artichoke hearts! $11!!

my dish was only slightly larger. however it contained mainly salad with just a bit of a few other dishes, including one stuffed mushroom cap. one! $14!

now i should say, the food was delicious and the woman who served us could not have been nicer. we enjoyed everything about the restaurant except for the fact that we paid a ridiculous amount of money for appetizers disguised as entrees.

needless to say, i was STARVING after dinner. we headed straight to bloor street where we sat down in the park so i could enjoy my real dinner: french fries from chippy's.

consider yourself warned, my fellow toronto friends!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

this is where i type some cheesy saying like "hair today, gone tomorrow"

a major transformation happened this afternoon!

before the haircut

after the haircut


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

scissors and sewing

after watching my curbside found sewing machine collect dust for years,i finally went online to see if i could find instructions on how to thread it. i did...and then i stayed up until 3:00am playing around trying to construct a make-up bag.

i even tried lining it (with the same fabric because that's all i had). please excuse the red thread.

the most frustrating part of the whole project was using the dullest scissors imaginable, made that way by my darling husband who uses them for cutting paper. so last night while cooking dinner, i heard the familiar "clang clang clang" of the bell announcing the arrival of the scissor sharpening man making his way up the street! i ran outside and waved him down while i ran to get my scissors.


now this is a different guy than the one i posted about earlier. we have at least 3 of these businesses who visit our street on occasion. i can't explain it...the old-fashioned quaintness of this service makes me so happpy!

and so do my newly sharpened scissors!