Tuesday, August 01, 2006

scissors and sewing

after watching my curbside found sewing machine collect dust for years,i finally went online to see if i could find instructions on how to thread it. i did...and then i stayed up until 3:00am playing around trying to construct a make-up bag.

i even tried lining it (with the same fabric because that's all i had). please excuse the red thread.

the most frustrating part of the whole project was using the dullest scissors imaginable, made that way by my darling husband who uses them for cutting paper. so last night while cooking dinner, i heard the familiar "clang clang clang" of the bell announcing the arrival of the scissor sharpening man making his way up the street! i ran outside and waved him down while i ran to get my scissors.


now this is a different guy than the one i posted about earlier. we have at least 3 of these businesses who visit our street on occasion. i can't explain it...the old-fashioned quaintness of this service makes me so happpy!

and so do my newly sharpened scissors!


Lollie Lane said...

That bag is the cutest! And I can't believe you have a mobile sharpening dude. I'm jealous.

Karin said...

Good job with the bag!

And I am also totally jealous of the traveling sharpener!

Jodie said...

Do you remember the "popcorn man"?
He came around neighbourhoods with his bicycle 'n popcorn machine hybrid, way back in the day, in downtown T.O... his popcorn kicked butt...better than what you now purchase at the movies...and he sold bright red candy apples too!
You can still find the "popcorn man" at Ontario Place and the C.N.E. but he no longer travels through inner city neighbourhoods.
Too bad...those were the days!
Hurray for being a night owl...I do my best design work after midnight.

Karina said...

oh no, watch out world, Krissy has made a foray into the world of sewing...!!! I suspect there is going to be serious crafting going on at your house. Sewing can turn into a serious addiction and all textiles are fowarned ! Can't wait to see all the cute goodness you make!
And now I really will have to troll all my shapenables to the sharpeners. Only TO gets to have the mobile units! There is nothing better than some freshly sharpened scissors :)

vania said...

Yea for you and sewing, and for bringing out the old machine. Your pouch is darling and i love the flower detail. Good idea about the knife dude - i'll have to listen for mine!

mishka said...

Being in an apartment building, we don't get the sharpening guy coming around - but I love the idea of it too! Your make up bag is cute - I'm glad you got your machine working!

Miss Dot said...

whoa missy! you have a sharpening man? who just drives around? I wouldn't even know where to start looking to even take my scissors in somewhere to have them done, and if I did find somewhere I am sure I would have to leave them for a week! lucky!