Monday, August 21, 2006

cottage life

last week was our vacation up at the cottage. well, not our cottage (i wish!). it actually belongs to an ex-coworker of paul's. she and her husband have generously allowed us to borrow it for a week for the last 3 summers (paul traded a painting of their dog for the use of the cottage.) in fact, we went there for the first time on our honeymoon!

once again this year, our friends frederica and jim came to spend a few days with us. so much fun even though the weather wasn't great for the days they were there.

over the week we......

had a campfire (i love the smell!)

roasted vegan marshmallows and made s'mores!!! (omg, they were decadent!!)

canoed to a bakery across the lake...yes, a bakery at the lake!!
paul at the bakery

i knit up a pair of arm warmers

swam in the (cold) lake

we ate our dinners by candlelight

watched noah have the time of his life (chasing frogs, rolling in the dirt, sniffing all the plants, running around outside all day!)

and saw the most beautiful sunset on our last night there

a relaxing and lovely time, indeed! (sigh...)


Aimee "Roo" said...

oh how lovely! it looks like pure heaven. what a great way to vacation.

Karin said...

Wow! You go on the nicest trips and take the nicest pictures of them!

Carla said...


Lollie Lane said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Those s'mores are making my mouth water!

mishka said...

so wonderful! I'm glad you got some time to wind down and relax and knit and sit by the fire and canoe. If only everyday life could be like that...

I'd love to see a shot of the finished arm warmers...!

(holy cow - my word verification is, like, 8 letters long!)

michelleknits said...

that sounds really sweet! so glad you got to have such a nice getaway!

and aren't vegan smores the best? i had them on sunday, but with these different type of marshmallows cause they don't sell the pangea ones at food fight here. they were incredibly yummy, but a bit more expensive. i see a pangea order in my future...!

jen said...

looks so wonderful! love the picture of noah.

Megan said...

Oh Krissy, you're vacation sounds heavenly! I love the smell of campfires too. And vegan smores . . . yum!

Wildmindgirl said...

The boat in the water is so beautiful...looks like a professional photo! Thanks for sharing it :-)