Tuesday, July 31, 2007

an open letter to haven kimmel

dear haven,

a week or so ago, i borrowed your book a girl named zippy from the library after searching online for hours for my next book to read. it had good reviews and i remember eyeing that awesome cover everytime i walked into a local bookstore. i was so excited to finally dig into it!

you're a great writer...so witty and with a kind of subtle humour. i liked the book right away. but then i came to the part about the baby pig...and then your pet chicken...and your hamster...and the bunny. i tried to overlook it and just move on but today the bunny situation was all i could take. i'm sad to say i'm parting ways with you here on page 71.

i see on amazon that you have a few more books out and i'll probably give them a try later on. i just think we need some time apart right now.


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Carla said...

Good writing is so powerful. I hope there wasn't any animal cruelty in there...