Thursday, September 29, 2005


this was my post to the flickr group today:


sweater: thrifted (see pic of button detail on the neck & shoulder)
cropped pinstripe pants: urban outfitters
plaid tie (as belt): local crafter (demoiselle)
blue argyle kneehighs
black maryjanes: payless
6 wooden bracelets: made by me

button detail on sweater:

i got the sweater on saturday at the value village in the 'burbs but forgot to post a picture of it.


Chelebele said...

You look so cute! I wish I could see the rest of you.

Stinkerbellerock said...

cute cute cute cute cute!!!!

Catherine said...

Ohh I have those shoes I have those shoes (in red) - you are so the Queen of Cool ;)

the knitrider said...

DOOD! the cute outfits ARE AWESOME! I AM SO THRIFTING THIS WEEKEND. im seeing but not believing.