Friday, July 15, 2005

before the oven heats up

in an attempt to avoid the oven that is the studio, i am blogging at 8 am before the room heats up from the afternoon sun. the last few days have been almost unbearable in here, so i've been spending as little time as possible at the computer.

but i'm not going to complain about the weather because tomorrow we leave for the cottage! all i can think about is swimming in the lake!! but with that comes a nasty job...this morning i need to subject myself to the hell that is bathing suit shopping. (the horror!) i've put it off far too long.

in other news, my etsy shop will be up and running shortly after i come back. i figured there wasn't much point in putting stuff up until i was back from vacation, just in case i sold something. i'm so excited to get it started though!

i will be at the cottage until next friday (the 22nd), so i won't be able to write until then. hope everyone has a great week! (i don't know how i'm going to make it without reading all of your lovely journals everyday!)


the knitrider said...

have so much fun out there!!!!!

robin said...

have a great time! we will miss you!

CheleBele said...

Have a terrific time! Swimming in the lake sounds heavenly!

Karina said...

Have a great week off, Krissy!

tania said...

have fun in the lake!