Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i want to be in the club

the one skein wonder club, that is! a couple of nights ago i couldn't take it any longer. after seeing so many cute versions of this pattern on a schmillion blogs, i broke down and ordered the pattern. today i went to a new yarn store in the beaches called the naked sheep and bought my supplies.

i decided to go with somewhat less expensive yarn for my first go, since i'm not sure how well it will turn out. i chose 2 balls of ggh samoa in emerald green. i've been a bit obsessed with this colour for the last few months and decided to finally break down and buy something in that shade.

i'm so excited to start! i need a few stitch markers so i'm going to whip those up now and then get started.

i also got six dvds from the library today (ack! they all came at once!) so i have plenty to watch while i knit.


p.s. you can check out other cool versions of this pattern here, here, and here.


the knitrider said...

hop on the wagon, theres plenty of room!! ha! i love that color, i cant wait to see it finished! its such an excellent piece. even tho i knit mine out of the cheapest yarn, i wear it more than anything else i knit. i think its the versatility of it, and also, im not afraid of ruining it because it takes so little time to make!! have fun!

tania said...

oooh! i wan tto make one! its so nice..