Tuesday, June 14, 2005

my new favourite

oh my god, i can't get enough of threadbared.com. a couple of very funny women have put together a blog that pokes fun at the illustrations on vintage sewing patterns or craft book covers. i wish i could link you directly to some of my favourite entries but unfortunately every page has the same url. so just trust me on this.

start off by checking out the entry from monday called "Early 70s Precursor To The Evil That Is Anne Geddes". (if you don't know who anne geddes is, look here first.) and i almost split a gut going through the "craft" catagory archives when i first discovered the website awhile back.

hope you enjoy!
xo krissy


robin said...

huge threadbared.com fan here. huge.

Carla said...

I want to sleep in a soft pea pod!

tania said...

oh dear me! i have never seen that site, it is too funny!!
thank you,
gotta go back to the archives...