Monday, June 06, 2005

little miss sensible shoes finally writes about...SHOES!

my family has bemoaned the fact that the name of this blog doesn't exactly fit with the content. more than one person has said, "how come you never write about shoes?". so this is for you, people.

today is about day #5 or 6 or i don't know, of stinkin' hot, sweaty, HOT weather. don't get me wrong...i'm so not complaining. i'll take this any day over snow and slush! but my feet could not take another minute in my high tops.

you would think that a girl who names her blog, "i *heart* sensible shoes" would be a shoe fiend. an addict! but i'm not. i like shoes, but frankly my list of requirements that make shoes sensible (to me) makes shoe shopping a bit of a chore. so i basically live in these maryjanes or more often than not, these chucks.

both are way too hot for this weather.

so i went straight to my local payless and tried on about 6 pairs of shoes that would not require socks and/or would finally let my toesies breathe.

i brought home these:

and these:
loafer slides

they fit almost all of the necessary requirements.
*no leather? (check!)
*affordable? (check!)
*comfortable? (check!)
*cute? (the jury's still out on that one)

the thing is i don't think the blue espedrilles will go with anything in my closet. but i do think they're kinda cute even though they are a little twee for my style.

the black ones are a little too preppy, i think. but they are soooo comfy! and again, totally don't fit my style. even less so than pair #1. but at least they're black and if not style-wise, at least colourwise they will go with more stuff.

gah! please feel free to express your thoughts and opinions on this very pressing issue.


Mom said...

WTG for buying new shoes!
I LOVE the first pair of flirty little sandals. Pair #2 are nice but I'm hoping you'll fall in love with pair #1 and buy more like it. Actually, you've inspired me (as usual). I'm going out tomorrow to buy new sandals!!
Love you. Mom

Carla said...

I get my shoes mostly at Payless, too. Actually I got a cute pair of Mary Janes at Left Feet in Kesington a few months ago and they're holding up awesome!

More than sensible shoes, I want MAGIC SHOES!! So I can float around the city without getting tired! ha ha.

Yeah your tootsies need to breathe! I like both pair! There should be a Church of Craft soon, maybe you and your new shoes will come!

Carla said...

The Bata Shoe Museum is having a Fesitval of Fun and Footwear on Sunday! The shoes there are both sensible and non-sensisble!