Monday, June 27, 2005

sunday afternoon rock show

the indie rock music gods must have been on my side yesterday. julie doiron, my most favourite-ist singer ever, was playing a free show at a local music store yesterday afternoon. and even though i left the house terribly late and was worried i wouldn't even get in the door, i managed to score a spot to sit front and centre.
julie doiron

it was an amazing surprise to see that mike of snailhouse also showed up to play at the in-store. i went to see julie and didn't realize he'd be there. he is such an amazing singer and writes the lovliest songs. i kid you not, i actually got goosebumps when he sang. GOOSEBUMPS! 40 degree (celsius) weather! i listened to a bit of his new cd at the listening station and it sounds incredible.

julie and mike sang backup and played during each other's songs. their voices are so pretty together.
julie doiron and mike of snailhouse

if you haven't heard of either of these artists, you can hear julie play some live stuff here. you can also listen to a few selected snailhouse tracks here and here. i think you'll like it...


dk said...

I wonder if the indie rock gods will ever be on my side again?

My last free show at a record shop was Lou Barlow about 10 years ago.

tania said...

oh wow!!
wish i had gone too,that must have been wonderful.

roxword said...

caught julie in anacortes, washington wednesday night at the department of safety and was completely enthralled. even with a tired cracking voice (or maybe because of it) she won me over and now i'm an admiring fan. rock on and on and on julie!