Monday, May 16, 2005


today i mailed out my package for the colour theme swap over at glitter. it was supposed to go out on friday but one of the things i made took waaaayyyy longer than anticipated. i really needed the weekend (including those 2 hours at church of craft yesterday) to finish it up. the good news is that it cost almost the exact same price to send the parcel expresspost as regular mail, so she'll get it by wednesday.

i can't show you all the little goodies i sent until after i know she gets it but here's what everything looked like after i wrapped it all up. hmmm...can you guess which colour she chose?

colour-theme swap

i chose pink...i can't wait to get my package! mail is so much fun to get...when it isn't a bill!

in other swappy news, i found out today that robin is game for doing a jewellery swap with me! yay! who wouldn't be thrilled to be sending stuff to girl who calls herself friendbunny?! i've already started thinking of ideas...


Carla said...

I get far too much snail mail from that "bill" character, too! ha ha.

So more swapping goodness for everyone!

dk said...

I have been trying to help a friend of mine with ideas for the color theme swap. She is, apparently, way behind. I hope she isn't your partner....

It's hard. Really.

If her color was pink, I would be all about that.