Friday, April 08, 2005

committed to this cause

i have a new cause.

this week i made the decision to bring back the saying "kiss my grits". i think its time has come around again.

here's what started my thinking: this week paul and i tried unsuccessfully to hire someone to clean out our eavestrough. we thought we had found the person to do the job, but when he didn't come by or call after 4 days, paul rang him up. "oh, i've been too busy with another house" was his excuse. still didn't show up the next day. so you know what i said...."let's find someone else. he can kiss my grits!"...

it was so much fun to say!

so c'mon people! i need your help to revive the saying that made flo famous. let's give 'kiss my grits' a new lease on life. feel free to add some southern twang that made the expression famous the first time around ["kiss maah gree-its"] or freshen it up by saying it in a way that tells the world you are really pissed ["no seriously...kiss my grits."]. it's up to you!

channel your inner flo.

1 comment:

amy said...

i totally say this too!

and, "sit on it!"