Sunday, April 10, 2005


what a fantastic weekend! paul and i spent saturday afternoon with noah at the dog park. we have discovered that there is a massive park with several off-leash areas less than a 10-minute walk away. and it only took us 10 months to discover this was part of our neighbourhood (hangs head in shame). i wish i had pictures but we forgot to bring the camera. next time! anyhow, noah loved it. he had so much fun running around without a leash and sniffing bums. that's like disneyland to a dog!

today was another gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon raking and cleaning up the backyard.

yard work

we're getting excited about fixing it up the way we want since it was too late in the summer to do much planting when we moved in last year. we've been browsing through some library books learning and picking out perrenial flowers and grasses. the books are a bit overwhelming for two clueless would-be gardeners so i think we'll just go to a garden centre with a couple of pictures of what we like. we need a professional to hold our hand and tell us what to do. our idea is to make an L-shaped garden along the edges of our yard. i think it's going to be really nice (that is, if we don't kill the plants).

and look what i noticed happening in our backyard. these are actual buds from an actual tree!
spring is actually here! woo hoo!

first buds on the tree


Knitcore Nadia said...

Yay for spring!

jo said...

Some how I had missed your blog when I was looking at the other glitter blogs. Everything here is very cute, yom, your blog, your dog and I love you "picks" in the post below.

And like Nadia said, Yeah for Spring. Except I live in california so it's been spring for months:)