Monday, April 25, 2005

tv time

over the weekend i figured out why i had been so tired last week...i was fighting a nasty cold virus that really wanted to take up residence in my body. this weekend, it moved in and brought family.

since i felt crappy all day saturday and sunday, i brought my pillow and blanky down to the couch and spent a guilt-free weekend napping and watching dvd's. a brand new indie video store has opened up in our 'hood so we started a membership there and rented closer and manhattan.

we had really high hopes for closer, since it had a few golden globe and oscar nominations but we were both really disappointed by it. there was zero character development which made us feel nothing for any of the people involved in the story. now on the other hand, manhattan was an incredible movie! the characters are all likeable and quirky not to mention the beautiful cinematography. even in black and white new york looks so pretty!

on sunday we rented a bunch of the up series dvd's. the up series is a documentary series that interviews a number of children in 1964 when they are 7 years old. those same people are then interviewed again every 7 years. it is absolutely the most fascinating thing to see! we watched 7 up and 7 plus 7 which follows the children at age 14. i was so engrossed by the time those were over that paul ran out and got 21 up and 28 up just as the video store was closing. we watched 21 up before bed and will likely watch 28 up tonight or tomorrow. i can't wait!

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