Tuesday, April 14, 2009

long weekends were made for...thrift stores!

hope everyone enjoyed a nice and relaxing long weekend! mine was great...spent it up north with my mom and her side of the family. it was just what i needed!

a bit of the long weekend was spent at various goodwills north of toronto. i found some lovely treasures that i'm very excited to start wearing once the weather warms up a bit. i came home with the 3 dresses you see above, along with 2 lovely vintage slips, a really cute, nearly-new blouse by french connection, a white eyelet skirt to wear petticoat-style under dresses, and a picture frame.

does anyone else find thrift stores 1000 x more exciting when they're in an unfamiliar town or city???


tania said...

ooh great finds!!
we also had a great long weekend thrifting experience- far away too!
in belleville-

Carla said...

Lucky finds! I especially like the black dress!

Anabella said...

Wow, talk about success!! I'm seldom that lucky at thrift stores. I used to thrift shop a lot when I was in my early 20s...now that I'm in my late 30's I just can't find the time to thrift shop so I buy clothing on-line via Etsy or on occasion I go to Winners. I've also attended a few clothing swaps which are always a great way to de-stash and find some new items too!