Monday, April 03, 2006

one of a kind show hangover

oh my goodness...i am so exhausted! the one of a kind show ended yesterday after 5 crazy days. it went really well and was so much fun! (thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes on my last couple of posts.) so many friends came by to say hi. after hours and hours of talking to strangers, a friendly face is such a pick-me-up! the toronto glitter girls came by to visit and karen brought me some pocky and cookies with cute pictures on them. carla visited too and i even got to meet the lovely mishka!! now that the show is over and my life can return to normal, i can hardly wait to spend some time with all of these cool ladies!

my mom was such a trooper. not only did she open up the booth and hold down the fort while i was at my day job, but she also stayed to help once i got there, working 10 or 11-hours each day. and smiling the whole time! (thanks mom!!)

half of the fun of doing shows is trading. i totally scored the coolest piece of art made with love by candace of candi factory. i can't wait to add this to our wall of art in the studio.

and i bought this cute little hairpin made with a vintage finding

i loved watching people's reactions to these 2 charm bracelets

now i need to go sleep for a few days to recover!


michelleknits said...

Sounds so fun! Wish I coulda been there...

Carla said...

I'm wearing my new necklace today! I have quite a few items from the Rat Girl Collection, and they are convesation starters. Everyone wants to know about them.

tania said...

oh congratulations!!!!!!!!!
way to go, I am so glad you had a great time and that you survived in one piece!
great trade too.
too bad i couldn't make it to say hi!

I agree with carla! everyone loves my mixed tape earrings.

jen said...

me too, people comment on my ratgirl necklace all the time! i wish i could have gone to the show too, it looks fabulous. but maybe it's good for my budget that i didn't. i went a bit crazy at our crafty bastards fair, and that is way smaller than your one of a kind show.

your mom is the best!

vania said...

i'm glad it was a success - i love the vintage pin hairpin! i'm sorry i couldn't make it this time, but you definitely deserve some rest! that pic with your mom is wonderful!

SmileyCarrie said...

The One of a Kind Show was fantastic.... I went this weekend. Will you be at the Christmas one??

jan said...

Great Photo!! You have such a pretty Mom.
The day was fun & luvin the casette green earrings i purchased from you.

Catherine said...

Hey Krissy, can we buy your stuff online? (do you have a store?) :)