Thursday, February 05, 2009

never met a cupcake i didn't like

seems like a harmless little thing, right?

it's a cute enough little cupcake with a sad lopsided heart of cocoa and cinnamon/ nutmeg mixture. all it wants is some love.

desperately craving homebaked cupcakes after enjoying a lovely chocolate-mint one on sunday afternoon during tea with kim, i ventured to my local public library and found vegan cupcakes take over the world. i took it home with dreams of making some delightful cupcakes. after consulting with paul i decided to try the chai latte ones, page 109. no sooner did i arrive home from work on wednesday afternoon and i was in the kitchen baking up a storm! it all seemed to be going so well!

after scarfing down dinner in anticipation of those spicy little cupcakies i was terribly disappointed to bite into a tough, doughy little puck. blech! so very, very blech.

i didn't even eat it. in the garbage they went...all 11 of them (paul politely ate one). i have a few ideas of where i may have gone wrong. that doesn't help ease the pain of throwing away a batch of cupcakes though.

sadly, these vegan cupcakes did not take over our world.


pixiebits said...

i had been considering to get that book, but now i'm glad i haven't done it. if you try any more of the recipes please do publish your review :)

CheleBele said...

Ohhh, it had such potential! I must say that it looked so yummy. It looked professionally baked. Sorry to hear that it was a dud, a cute dud, but a dud none the least. Better luck next time.

You did it! You inspired me. I have returned to my terribly neglected blog. I thank you and bloggingcrap thanks you.

Carla said...

ha ha, well this one LOOKS good... sorry you didn't like them.

Mel said...

Not everything labeled Vegan will taste great. It's kind of hit and miss. Try the green tea ones...they rock!!!

Jules said...

i had a similar experience with this recipe, glad i wasn't the only one!