Saturday, September 01, 2007

random food stuff...and other random stuff too

i know this isn't supposed to be a food blog, but i guess since it's a general whatever kind of blog, i can post about food once in awhile, right? and since i haven't been doing much other than swimming and gearing up to go back to work on tuesday i don't really have anything else to post about right now anyway.

ok, so first here's a picture of some really pretty eggplant that i spotted at the farmers' market last tuesday.

and today i ventured over to the brand new t&t supermarket in the portlands district. it's a big asian supermarket that just opened up a week or two ago. it was busy busy!!

i went in search of dulp pock. dulp pock is a type of tofu that is soft and pillowy and light as air. i think it's probably been deep-fried prior to being packaged but let's just forget about that ok? i haven't had it since i lived in guelph about 5 years ago. i'm happy to report that t&t didn't disappoint me! i found about 5 different kinds.

tonight we had steamed beans and roasted mini-potatoes (both from tuesday's market visit) and dulp pock smothered in president's choice szechuan peanut sauce. oh my! it was UNBELIEVABLE! the best part was the crunchy bits where the sauce carmelized.

other random stuff:
on friday, paul & i went to see the square foot show at awol gallery. we were amazed at how many pieces there were in the show. lots of fun eye candy there! wish i had brought my camera...i didn't think they'd let us take pictures.

also on friday, i was driving home after dropping paul off at his band's practice space and i saw george stroumboulopoulos driving an s.u.v. i know...i was sad he was driving a gas-guzzler too.

and the lovely wendy has named me a rockin' girl blogger! thanks, wendy! i guess i'm supposed to nominate 4 or 5 more people? this is hard...i don't like leaving people out. i think i'll just quietly email the people and let them know. is that allowed? i know...i'm so bad at these tagging things.


Anonymous said...

FYI: George drives a HYBRID.

krissy said...

good to know...thanks for clearing that up anon!

Carla said...

Lucky you! I've been wanting to go to the new T&T store! Your dinner looks delicious. Presidents Choice makes so many great products.

Strombo has talked about having a hybrid car in addition to his motorcycle, but I believe you. Hopefully it was just a one-off for some job he was doing.

WendyB said...

That eggplant picture is beautiful. Nice work!

Carla said...

Strombo is famously childless so doesn't need an SUV to tote kiddies around, hopefully he doesn't own it. Maybe it was a hybrid SUV like the NDP campaign "van" is.

tania said...

so much great stuff! i have been wanting to check out that market too- and great tip on the tofu- it looks delish- must try!

Full of Heart said...

That looks like some really yummy food!

randy said...

i saw strombo this morning coming out of that suv.. it's a black ford escape, which does come in a hybrid version.. so i'm going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt