Monday, September 17, 2007

i left my heart in 1994

i've borrowed the above image from tony dawe over on flickr. it was taken during sappyfest in august but i figure it's close enough.

saturday night was the eric's trip show at lee's palace. for those unfamiliar with them, they were (are?) a canadian band from moncton n.b. who were around during the early 90's but broke up in 1996. they're also without a doubt, my most favourite band of all time! the last time they reunited was in 2001 and i saw them play in london, ontario and also in toronto. i've been patiently waiting for this show since i found out about it in early august. saturday's show definitely did not disappoint!

-julie clearly having a blast on the drums during the opening act
-rick starting his solo set with "behind the garage" amazing...just him and his acoustic guitar
-julie joining rick onstage for the last song of his set "allergic to love" and then they had the sweetest hug onstage afterwards.
-an incredible set of all of their very best stuff...i swear i haven't danced & jumped around like that at a show for a very long time! (a sidenote: i think the swimming i've been doing is helping. i didn't feel winded afterwards at all.)
-a fabulous encore including one of my favourite songs, "red haired girl"

on our way out of the show i saw carla making her way through the crowd. i wish i'd known she'd be there. anyhow, we've been exchanging our favourite moments over facebook for the last couple of days. perhaps she'll have more to add...

click here if you want to listen to some of their music. note: you'll have to click on the songs to hear them...what you hear when you go to that page is not eric's trip, it's the website's streaming audio.

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Carla said...

It was such a great show! I should have known you'd be there and we all could have hung together. But we didn't have advance tickets so had to get there really early, it was totally sold out and they were selling just what was left over from the guest list. That photo you found is so awesome! I took a few pics that night but they are way too blurry to share. I'm so glad you had such a fantastic night!!!