Thursday, November 03, 2005


wanna know a little secret?

paul made me a cd to listen to in the car to and from work. it has a bunch of amazing stuff by arcade fire and some new death cab for cutie too. and then at the very end of the cd, he put on a song that i love more than anything...since u been gone by kelly clarkson. and i listen to that track the loudest! so if you see someone on the gardiner expressway singing in their car, it might be me...and now you know what song i'm probably singing to!

pss. you might also recall that my obsession with madonna goes waaayyy back to the early 80's. she's got a wicked new song & video out that i've been watching a lot on you can see it here if you're curious.


Aimee "Roo" said...

I love Madonna's music. I was so happy to see her new video the other day on VH1. Oh, and can you believe how great she looks?!?

jenny vorwaller said...

ohhh! love 2 brothers ona hotel bed song the best from the new death cab....and everytime that clarkson song comes on the radio, i blast it tooo!! have you seen the video too? very "breakup empowering" hee hee!

abbytrysagain said...

ha! you are too funny! yeah...I wouldn't/couldn't admit to anyone that I love Kylie minogue-but I've come to peace with it now, and I am ok

tania said...

i know, it was so great to have you guys there and now that i know there are veggie options i hope you will come every time! yay!

(ps - my secret song that i love is that kylie minouge one " cant getcha outta my head" love it!)

kickpleat said...

hello! i'm not sure exactly where i found your blog, but i love it! i too share the love for that kelly clarkson song. have you heard the ted leo cover? it's here: and soooo good.