Wednesday, November 16, 2005

hi...and bye.

i thought it would be a good idea to dust off this poor neglected blog of mine to pop in and say hi to everyone! thanks so much for the nice comments you've left while i've been away.

so i'm here to check in and say hi but...i also have to say bye-bye. don't worry, i'm not leaving the blog world. i'm just feeling really swamped with preparing for the big show that starts next week. i still have tonnes to do to get ready for it, plus report cards are due (at my morning job!) on monday. yikes! since the show runs for 11 days straight (nov 24 - dec 4) and 11 hours each day (11am - 10pm) i won't really have the time (or energy) to blog until it's over. but rest assured, i'll be back as soon as it's done!

in the meantime, here are some cute socks & tights i picked up today at "winners" (canadian outlet chain, i think similar to "ross" in the u.s.). i had to go to ikea to get some more stuff for my display and there was a winners right there. i had to run in and feed my obsession with kneehighs & tights.

kneehighs: black with felt applique & embroidery, rust & chocolate stripeys

tights: teal blue and heather grey

if you're in the t-dot and you come to the one of a kind show, come visit me!! i'll be in the "rising stars" section, booth RS 14....just look for the RATGIRL booth!
everyone you back here on december 5th!!! :)


karina said...

Have a great show, Krissy!
I'm not sure if I'm to make it back to TO to see you at your show! I'd love to see the booth and display, as I'm sure it will be as fabulous as your jewellerey (just bigger)
Have fun and be YOU!!!
You ROCK!!!!

the knitrider said...

good luck at your show, and its great to see you post again! cant wait till youre back!

vania said...

I love the Show, so i'll be there for sure. Thanks for sharing where you'll be too, cuz i was going to ask you - i didn't think you'd go by your blog name :) Good luck and pace yourself until then!

Karin said...

Hope it goes well and do remember to update us!

tania said...

dont worry at all if you dont pop by the show! i wouldnt expect you too, what with all the prep and report cards! gack!
best of luck and me and paul will be stopping by to say hi!

michelle said...

best of luck with the big show - so exciting!! i'm hoping to get to it, i'll drop by and say hello!

elizabeth said...

lots and lots of luck for your upcoming show!!! i just did a very small one and i have been non-stop busy for three weeks. so i can't imagine all that you have to do to prepare for this.

can't wait to hear how it all went :)