Sunday, May 17, 2009

my childhood online

i've been spending a bit of time perusing the vintage section of etsy and most recently ebay, looking for some good finds. i've been surprised to see some things i had as a child up for sale online. in a couple of cases, they were items i had totally forgotten about until i saw them.

a yellow ladder-style earring stand given to me by my piano teacher & family friend. this one was found at the butler and maid etsy shop.

this was the telephone we had in our living room when i was little. do you have any idea how much i loved to talk on this thing? so fancy! found on ebay.

and my most favourite of i really wish i had broken down and purchased. this picture hung in my bedroom when i was little. my mom and dad always told me it was a painting of me. i found this on etsy and now i know the truth. hee hee (found at a touch of vintage on etsy)

have you ever found any of your childhood possessions online? did you end up buying them so you could have them around again?


Carla said...

Not online, but at the Goodwill or Value Village. I'm just about to de-clutter a Frank Veteers glass ... did you have Frank Veteers Pizza? And I found some really cute Ziggy plastic bookmarks still in package, that I had before. Your finds are pretty cool!

krissy said...

no, we didn't have frank veteers pizza where i grew up. i've actually never heard of it. ah, but ziggy...i had a ziggy binder in elementary school. it's fun to find that stuff again, isn't it?

Carla said...

p.s. I didn't know you play piano!

Joan said...

I'm not really into nostalgia and reminiscing about "the good ol' days" but I do like taking trips down memory lane when it comes to sitcoms from the 70s like All in the Family, toys like my Cher barbie doll and candy like those purple chiclets that taste like soap :)

krissy said...

carla: i actually don't play the piano. i think i took it for 2 years but was never very good at it. i've forgotten everything i learned (except how to find "middle c").

joan: wow, you had a cher barbie doll? how cool! the closest thing i had was the donnie & marie dolls. but cher is so much more rock & roll. i'll bet she had better outfits too. and that purple gum...thrills, right??

Joan said...

Krissy, I had the Marie Osmond doll too! But unfortunately not Donny...whom I had a major crush on at the age of 7 :-) And, yes, you're right, it's the Thrills gum I was referring to.

tania said...

omg! ths is so funny-