Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy new year!

Happy new year, friends! Hope all who celebrate December holidays had a lovely time with friends and family.

Have you made any new years' resolutions? Do you do that sort of thing? I usually don't but this year I've made a few. Mostly boring stuff like decluttering and getting my life more organized at home. I know, yawn, right?

But I've also started a little project for the year! I've jumped onto the "picture a day/365 project" bandwagon. This means I'll be taking a picture a day for the whole darn year or whenever I decide this project is far too tedious to continue. Today is Day 3 and I'm going strong. Here's what I've got so far.....

Day 1/365
I started 2011 by painting my nails on New Year's Day. Base coat of black and then a couple of coats of a deep, dark red (Revlon's Vixen) on top. Makes me feel dangerous and a bit like an Olsen twin.

A blurry but sweet picture of Noah taken at the dinner table. He has perfected the art of looking adorable in hopes of getting a few table scraps. It worked. He got some brocolli.

Made the yummiest stew tonight from a recipe found on the Gluttonous Vegan blog. I had to sub in rapini instead of nappa cabbage or kale because it's slim pickin's in the green aisle of the grocery store the last few days. I think it's because there's a big recall on kale and other veggies because of salmonella. This was super yummy but rapini has a bit of a strong taste for this dish. Will definitely make it again but next time with kale (minus the salmonella).

Is anyone else taking part in the 365 challenge? Leave a comment with a link so I can check out your pictures!

PS. If you're interested, I've created a set for all of my daily pictures over on my flickr.


Carla said...

I love your photos! I guess I should start logging in to Flickr again. I have some general resolutions about getting my shiitake together with decluttering, too! Hello to Noah!

Anonymous said...

cool Krissy!
good luck with your 365 picture-a-day
I'll check back again soon!
I've been a bad blogger of late
and its hard to keep being inspired
but its fun to take pictures and post them
and one thing leads to another
and then you'll get more ideas
have fun!