Saturday, February 12, 2011


One of my most favourite movies of all time is Before Sunrise and tonight it was on TVO (as will be the sequel Before Sunset, also amazing, in a few minutes). I just watched Before Sunrise for the umpteenth time and was reminded again of one of my most favourite scenes in a movie. Of course, a quick search on YouTube and there it is...

In case you haven't seen this movie (btw: if that's the case you need to fix that immediately), in this scene Celine & Jesse just met a few hours ago and now they're in a listening booth in a record store in Vienna. They're clearly both smitten with each other and yet are too shy to let the other one catch them stealing glances. It's like a dance, so perfectly words but so powerfully sweet.

As an aside, this movie is from 1995. I remember seeing it in a theatre when it came out. I feel so old right now.

Happy Valentine's Day, should you be choosing to celebrate.



Jo said...

Oh cool! I saw this TVO double feature on the same night as you!

I kept thinking about what I was doing back in 1995 when Before Sunset was released. I did not see the movie when it was first released but I do remember that back in 1995, I was traveling around Europe. I certainly felt old watching Before Sunset.

Can you believe how young Ethan Hawke looks in this movie compared to the sequel? In the sequel, Before Sunset he appears gaunt looking. I think his appearance was the result of his break-up with Uma.

christine donee said...

I just watched this movie for the first time a month or so ago.. couldn't believe I had never seen it before!


888bingo said...

I've never seen that movie before sunrise. But I've heard many great things about it. It's a great romantic stories. I'm not mistaken and then do a quick search for it on IMDB and see if they come up with anything worthwhile if the user rating is between 6/10and 8/10 then I'll go and rent it.

NYC Blogger said...

This is such a romantic movie! Ethan Hawk is so hot!