Monday, June 30, 2008

so funny but you probably already know about it

i know paul & i are little late to this party, but we just discovered the awesomeness that is "flight of the conchords". (be gentle on us...we don't have cable). here's the intro of the show just because it makes me so happy.

we rented the 1st disc of season one (has there only been one season so far?) and watched the whole thing (6 episodes) yesterday. omg, this show is hilarious! if you're like us and don't have cable you totally have to rent the dvd. we're looking forward to hopefully renting the 2nd disc this week.

on a related it just me, or does anyone else start singing the "sex and the city theme" every time you see that "hbo logo/static-y tv opening bit" that shows up at the beginning of every hbo tv show? i swear it's like an involuntary reaction everytime i see it.


In Yr Fshn said...

i'm a recent convert as well! The BF and plowed through the first season in a couple of days. I heard the 2nd season isn't until 2009. Many boos.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm a lurking that just de-lurked to share some thoughts...I discovered
"Flight of the Conchords" last summer and was totally smitten by Bret and Jemaine. They are hilarious. My husband is a BIG fan too! I do not have cable either but I don't think there is a second season out yet on DVD as I have been checking the shelf at Queen Video on a regular basis. I hope they eventually come out with another season. I actually have my own copy of season one at home. I asked the IT dude at worked to burn the rented copy - don't ask me how he did it. I know tsk tsk...what can I say, I'm such a fan :)

Oh, and about the SATC - HBO connection YES!! me too! I hear the theme song/tune in my head but I don't actually sing it.

Keep posting on your blog. I like reading your posts.


Carla said...

Ha, yeah I don't have cable either, and people talk about tv a lot so I have no idea what they're on about unless they send me a YouTube link. Debbie Stoller had a Flight of the Conchords mug in a photo, so they come well recommended by you and her! I saw a funny one of them trying to speak French!

SatC is the HBO show I've watched the most, so yes!

Anonymous said...

i don't know if i just heard too much about flight of the conchords or what but i just find it totally unfunny. i probably shouldn't admit that since it is the loved comedy of the day....same with the sarah silverman show. i thought i loved her but i can't get into the show. i feel like she's trying too hard or something.

but yes, absolutely on the SATC theme. sad that my poor brain has been so effectively rewired!

tania said...

me too! i am late to it and am crazy about these guys- nutcases-
i have missed so much on your blog! better get that bloglines up and going again!