Monday, August 10, 2009

the big reveal!

i know i said i'd reveal my big project by the 9th of august but i'm 33 minutes late. not too bad i suppose....

may i present to you, the official ratgirl website!!!


ps: my little plot of land on the web is at NOT cuz that's sadly been taken by porn. (sniff)

please let me know if anything looks funny on your browser or you find any unhappy links. not that i can fix the browser issues...ha ha! i made this whole thing through a little site called and it's all drop & drag, baby! didn't need to know a bit of html or any other confusing strings of letters. highly recommended for anyone like me who has been putting off making a website for, oh...7 years or so.


Carla said...

What fun! You did a great job!

Kim's Suitcase said...

the picture on your blog is so cute,
but i am not successfully accessing the site...?

tania said...

oh YIPPPEEEE! congrats Krissy!!
:D its wonderful-