Thursday, August 20, 2009

is the tornado over yet?

i love that noah looks completely bored despite the fact that we're all sitting in the dingy basement...a part of the house he has never even seen order to avoid tornadoes that may or may not have been touching down around toronto.

as for me, i was completely unaware of the fact that toronto was even under a tornado warning until i got home around 6:30 from running errands all afternoon. paul was making dinner but it had to wait while we all headed down to the basement to camp out until the skies cleared. we weren't going to, but the weather people on the radio were advising it and since we're paranoid about the giant tree hanging precariously over our house in the best of weather, we thought better safe than sorry.

the sky got really dark right before the rain started to come down in sheets. i took a picture of the backyard because i couldn't believe how dark it got but i'm not sure if you can tell from this photo.

anyway, we're all safe and sound. eventually we came back upstairs and ate our dinner. and wouldn't you know, we never did get to meet glenda afterall.


CheleBele said...

Wow!!! Your story sounds like many of ours from the Texas days. That is just crazy! So glad to hear that you, Paul, Noah and your home are all safe.

tania said...

oh my goodness!
i had no idea we were under a warning! i was staring out the front door the whole time because paul was coming home ON HIS BIKE.
i am so gald our tree survived-it was a scary storm!
noah is so cute-

Carla said...

Yowza! I left town at the right time I guess.