Tuesday, September 01, 2009

my childhood in 15 boxes or less

back in the spring my dad sold our family home, the only place i'd ever lived until i left home at 19 to go away to university. that meant that he had to box up everything i'd left behind when i moved away and send it down to me to go through. i have to hand it to him...turns out it was a very big job...he could just as easily have thrown everything away or sent it to the local sally ann but he was afraid he'd throw something away that was important to me. and so in may, boxes upon boxes arrived on my doorstep.

i was completely overwhelmed at the thought of going through them all, and then with the crazy spring/summer i had, i just wasn't able to devote the time to it. well, last week i forced myself to start (ok, paul dropped a few hints that it was time).

turns out i was (am??) a complete packrat and never threw anything out! around here we're affectionately calling those boxes "the museum of krissy".

the picture above shows some of the gems i've found so far.

* the diary i kept from ages 9-11
* a wee robin's egg blue jewellery dish i made in pottery class probably when i was about 8 or 9 years old
* my first watch
* a military-style brooch i bought in quebec, circa 1985
* the most adorable brooch of a little girl with pigtails i remember wearing when i was about 4 or 5 years old

can i just tell you how many tears of laughter that diary has brought to us over the last few days? oh my gosh...there are a few entries in there that are so perfect for something like this!


tania said...

oh wow!!! how great- a trip down memory- lane-

Carla said...

Lucky! My parents had a yard sale when they moved after my brother and I left....and didn't tell me about it, so most of my stuff is gone. Your Dad is much more thoughtful! What fun to go through those boxes!