Thursday, September 10, 2009

new wave blues

sorry for the sporadic posting. my brand-new half-time job is keeping me full-time busy!

has anyone been watching these canadian music documentaries hosted by jian ghomeshi on cbc tv? they're shown on thursday nights and last week was about canadian music of the 70's. not my favourite era by any means but the documentary was strangely entertaining. this week was was the 1st of two about canadian music of the 80's. i swear it was like being transported to 1983 all over again, except without all that hairspray. (that hole in the ozone over northern ontario? i'm so sorry for that.)

the highlight was the interview clip with a couple of the guys from the spoons and this video.

how can a song this old (28 years!?!) sound so delicious all these years later? perhaps it only sounds good to me because it brings back so many happy memories. in any case, i've added it to my 80's playlist on youtube so i can listen to it over and over again.

my only hope is that cbc found enough money to make a couple of episodes about the 90's. it just couldn't get any better than that.


CheleBele said...

Wow, we were just talking about The Spoons last Saturday!!! They rock! We (me, D & Erin) were just dancing in the living room to this song, twice. Thanks, Krissy.

Kerri said...

Yes! I definitely remember the Spoons, I never tire of listening to them even today, plus I had a major crush on the lead male singer...but oh boy, how old do I feel!? Hmm, let's do the math...1983 I was 12 years old plus 28 years ummm, never mind... :)