Tuesday, September 01, 2009

new obsession

not long ago while browsing through etsy, i somehow managed to stumble upon a necklace that triggered a memory of my childhood. i saw the necklace, an illustration of a little girl with pigtails and a boy sitting on a bench signed "Fran Mor". as soon as i saw it i knew i had a similar piece of jewellery as a little girl. i had to have that necklace and so i bought it right away. the very next day i was sifting through "the museum of krissy" and found my old Fran Mor brooch sitting at the bottom of a cardboard box. i showed it to you yesterday with my little collection of treasures but today my etsy score arrived in the mail.

here they are side by side:

and just like that, i'm now completely obsessed with finding more jewellery by this artist.


tania said...

oh! so cute!
they totally bring me back to childhood too-


Carla said...

Nice! I miss some cool things from my youth I wish I could have back! Particularly all the chunky brooches I had when 80s Molly Ringwald was my fashion inspiration.

Julie said...

These are so cute, Love the retro things.
x Julie x