Monday, September 28, 2009

autumn days

autumn's here, it really is. the calendar says so but so does my closet. just a couple of weeks ago i was still wearing short sleeves to work because the school was like an oven. now it's all tights and hoodies and closed-toe shoes. i'm not complaining. i guess the change of seasons is nice. it's just that fall doesn't tend to stick around long enough. blink your eyes and there's snow on the ground.

i took these pictures at the park with noah this afternoon. we are very lucky to have a ridiculously large off-leash area at our local park. it was really windy today and it stirred up noah's wild side. he ran and galloped with the blowing leaves (but sat very impatiently for this picture).

this picture makes me laugh because i can see the crazy in his normally calm eyes.


Carla said...

good dog!

I love getting covered up in fall clothes after having bare legs and arms all summer. Scarves and mittens....soon!

CheleBele said...

Cute, cute Noah!!!!

I must admit that I am a tad bit jealous (just a tad) of your changing weather. It was cooler here in L.A. today as well, but it was still a shorts, t-shirt and sandals day. I do miss my hoodie!

Enjoy the leaves changing colour!

Jen Spinner said...

I haven't visited here in so long. I love your voice: your bubbly personality shines through and it's a joy to read. I'll be back sooner rather than later, next time!

Kim's Suitcase said...

hi krissy,
hi noah,

krissy thanks for visiting this past weekend, it was lovely to see you.

noah does look wild, plus he is smiling...wildly!

wah...i love noah!!!


Valérie said...

It's both cold and wet here, just waiting for the raindrops to turn to flurries... Noah is totally smiling with his eyes :)