Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fall is a good time for crafting with yarn

The chill in the air has inspired me to pick up the needles and cast-on a new knitting project. Last Saturday I decided I needed to start a project that very night so I headed to Zellers where I found some soft cotton-y yarn called Cot'n Corn in a lovely pale blue called "Water". Yes, yarn made with corn! Who knew?

I've started another pair of Voodoo wristwarmers from the Knitty archives. My idea is to modify them just a tad. I'll stick with the 2x2 ribbing until I get to the fingertips and then try switching to moss stitch for a nice little detail to finish them off. We'll see how that goes.

In other fibre news, I learned how to crochet a few weeks ago and now I'm a little addicted. So far I only know how to do chain stitch and single crochet but it's so much fun and much quicker than knitting I think. I've made a super long necklace that also doubles as a cowl but I'll have to wait until I'm having a good photographing day to take a picture of it.

By the way, I finally caved and joined Ravelry. I'm longestwinter over there if you want to be friends! :)


Carla said...

Sometimes there's nice yarn at Zellers! I haven't knit with corn yet, but I've given it as a present. How do you like it?

tania said...

oh my goodness! so great to catch up! i have missed so much-
:) these will be super cozy- i think i need to head to zellers too!

krissy said...

Yeah, I know...I actually had a hard time choosing which yarn to get there. They had some nice blends and eco stuff like bamboo, etc.

The Cot'n Corn feels really really nice and I love the colour! My only complaint is that it seems to be prone to splitting, so it looks like I have little "pulls" in my knitting. I may rip back and try to fix that. said...

I was once obsessed with this stuff. I bought tons and tons of yarn. All i knew how to make were place mats and table runners haha.