Monday, November 16, 2009

inspiring colours

Check out the amazing tights/bag combo that Carla was sporting when we got together on Saturday! Love this! Not sure where the tights came from but I know her yellow bag is Marimekko and came straight from Sweden (with love). You can probably tell from the photo that Carla hearts sensible shoes too.


Carla said...

Hey that's me! ha ha. I think the tights are by Hue, and I got them at The Bay, last year. Yes, the bag is from my Swedish Sweetie, and the sensible shoes are from the kids section of Payless!

p.s. see you tonight, I signed up online!

Carla said...

p.s.s. thanks for assuring me that I don't have "Smurf legs" when I wear these tights! said...

Nice carla! Is that really you? I wonder what the whole outfit was. hehe