Monday, March 08, 2010

lovely weekend

Hooboy, did we ever have some lovely weather around these parts over the weekend! What about you? Were you lucky enough to see the sun and shed some layers? I have to say, even though this winter has been very mild and snow has been scarce, I'm still craving the spring and urging it to please hurry up and arrive already. All the grey days we've seen over the last few months have been a bit depressing.

But enough of that talk...the weekend was awesome and Torontonians came out in droves to enjoy the sunshine. I think 85% of the city's population headed to Queen St. West (as did we). The sidewalks were packed and everyone was smiling.

We started our day at Darkhorse at Spadina & Queen to enjoy a pretty (and delicious) coffee. I'm a wussy coffee drinker so mine was a soy mocha latte. So yummy!

Then to west Queen West and up Ossington to stroll through the endless string of wee galleries. We saw some so-so stuff but also some really great stuff too. Awol had a fantastic show by an artist named Caroline Larson. The colours and textures in her work were really inspiring! Purple On Grey was my very favourite (scroll down to see)...the gradation of colour is so pretty.

Then take-out at Jean's Vegetarian followed up by an evening of knitting (making Noah a doggy sweater...about 3 months too late) and flipping through an issue of Craft magazine that Tania generously passed on to me. A very nice day, indeed!

I hope you had a nice weekend too. What did you do?


Joann said...

Oh, I love Jean's Vegetarian!!! I live nearby. I highly recommend the Gado Gado Salad!

The weather was certainly gorgeous this weekend! I remained within my regular Saturday routine of getting groceries and walking my dog in the neighbourhood. Later I met with friends for dinner at The Auld Spot. Sunday I took the dog to the Beaches for a walk.

krissy said...

Hey Joann,
Thanks for the Gado Gado recommendation! And may I suggest to you the Kuay Teow? It is my most absolute favourite. Isn't that restaurant the best?

Sounds like you had a really lovely weekend too! I'll bet the Beaches was packed with people and doggies. PS. Don't know about the Auld Spot. Must google it.

Joann said...

Krissy, The Auld Spot is a pub on Danforth near Chester. Not a wide selection of meatless dishes I must say, but I do eat seafood so I was ok. Thanks for the Kuay Teow recommendation. I will give it a try next time I'm at Jean's Veg and yes the Beaches was quite busy!

Carla said...

I heart hearts in foam! I don’t like coffee either, blech. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

tania said...

it was such a great day for us too!! and so nice to bump into you guys- what a surprise-

La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

Come on there is no such thing as a woosy coffee drinker. Get a tatoo and get back out there!
Just joking. I like your writers voice, your funny.

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